Serene Curls
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12" is the default length of our Serene curls. There is ONE bundle in each pack.

Our Serene Curls are made to mimic a natural hair perm rod set. The curls may eventually begin to drop (after a couple of weeks) just like a natural curl set would!

Putting your hair in a loose pineapple and sleeping with a satin scarf should help preserve your curls for longer!

Amount of bundles needed for an installation:

 4-5 for a small sized head, 5-6 for a medium sized head and 6-7 for large sized head

How to keep your Tresses looking Trendy!:
1.Lightly spritz your hair with water and apply a thin coating of a water based hair conditioner.
2. Gently brush(using a large paddle brush), or finger detangle your hair from tip to root , GENTLY- rough handling is more likely to frizz the hair!
3. Optional: Section your hair into four and loosely twist before bed- this will help to preserve those lovely curls!
4. Wear a satin or silk scarf/bonnet to bed
5. Remember to wear a shower cap before showering!

*IMPORTANT* It is advised to separate curls AFTER installation, separating before may lead to tangling.Check out this tutorial to see how to install our Serene Curls:

Check out this video to see how to separate and style our Serene Curls:

Check out this tutorial to learn how to cut our Serene curls into a tapered cut: