General hair care information


Crochet Braiding Hair
All our crochet braiding and braiding hair are made from quality fibres (Kanekelon ,Toyokalon and Chinese fibre to be exact!) This hair can last 4-8 weeks depending on how well it is maintained. Overtime, the hair reduces in volume and the curls drop slightly as is expected of any synthetic hair. Generally, the older your Tresses become , the more natural they look and can easily blend with your natural hair! 
Some textures such as our braiding hair and Faux Fro hair can be blowdried or curled.
There is information on how to maintain each type of hair on our products page, so go and take a look if you want more details!



Premium Human Hair

All our premium human hair is made from raw Indian and Luxe Kinky hair. This hair should be maintained as if it was growing from your scalp. High heat, bleach and dye can be applied to the hair from this collection. It is suitable for wigs and weaves and will last you a mighty long time when well maintained!


Here is a video on how to separate our hair to prevent tangling: