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IMPORTANT: We want to make it absolutely clear that all orders including pre orders will still be sent, so don’t worry and please carry on ordering as normal. Please see the pre order update email we sent yesterday regarding pre orders.

As our loyal customers and supporters, we owe it to you to be completely transparent no matter how uncomfortable the conversation may be. Below outlines the situation, each section is titled, so please feel free to read all or only the sections you feel are relevant to you. We recommend reading the entire letter.

A letter from the CEO:

Why I started Trendy Tresses:

Trendy Tresses has been in business for the last 8 years. I left my teaching job and started the business at 23 years old with my savings. I received no additional funding or help. I also knew absolutely nothing about business, so the journey was extremely challenging but rewarding! My goal when starting this company was to encourage women to embrace their natural hair and natural hair styles. After my teaching job, I would spend my evenings and weekends doing hair.  My side hustle enabled me to notice the lack of options, as well as poor quality hair used for crochet braiding hair. I made it my goal to solve this gap in the market. When we launched in 2016, we received an excellent response and grew a lot quicker than expected. Our products are what black women in particular had been seeking. Our crochet braiding hair has been our most successful product as we have provided something that the market had failed to provide at the time: a range of curls, colours, textures and good quality synthetic hair. We have since expanded our product range to a variety of human hair wigs, bundles, closures and frontals.


The most challenging part of running Trendy Tresses has been struggling to meet the customer demand. The latter has been caused by a number of reasons, the main reason being a lack of cash flow and the second reason being our suppliers.

We have been with our current supplier for the past few years who we were initially happy with, but as time has surpassed, production costs have tripled and delivery costs have doubled which has had a HUGE impact on our profits. We need to profit in order to keep the business running smoothly. Production times have also increased hence why it sometimes takes months for us to receive our new stock. For example, we placed an order for new stock in January, it is now May and our inventory is finally in transit. This delay impacts our ability to constantly sell our products to you, which in turn heavily impacts our cash flow. Without profits or cash flow, a business is non existent.

You may be thinking, “well why don’t you just change suppliers?” We wish it was as easy as that. Looking for a GOOD supplier can take weeks to months. It can also be extremely costly. We haven't been able to make any profits for the last couple of years due to the previously mentioned reasons, so all funds have been used to keep the business afloat, the business is now in the struggling stages.

The solution

The main issue here is that we need cash flow and to be able to profit again. We also need new suppliers who can produce better quality products in an affordable and timely fashion. The larger the order placed with a supplier, the lower the costs. Placing large orders with suppliers will enable us to keep costs low, which in turn will allow us to profit again. Large orders also means more inventory to sell which means we will quickly overcome the issue of not being able to meet customer demand.

How you can help

We have exhausted all possible options to gain capital /cash flow with no success. Unfortunately, it statistically proven that black businesses receive an astonishing 0.24% of venture capital and funding for businesses, so it’s no surprise we’ve not been successful on that end. Our suppliers have also been very difficult to reason with.

The good thing about our situation is that we’ve managed to build a community of loyal customers over the past 8 years (over up to 30,000 of you to be exact!), so if anyone can help us, it’s you.

We have started a fundraiser to help us accumulate the costs to keep Trendy Tresses alive.

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Any contribution is greatly appreciated. The more people who donate, the quicker we can reach our target. Please share the link with anyone you think may be willing to support us.

How your donation will be used

  1. Seeking new suppliers: This is probably the most important goal for us. We want to focus on making better quality products at an affordable price with sensible production times. In turn, our customers will be even happier with their purchases, we will also be able to potentially reduce our product and shipping costs so customers are paying less.
  2. Purchasing large amounts of inventory: Not only will this be a cheaper option for us, but it means we can finally meet the demand of our customers. We will no longer have the issue of constantly having sold out items. The majority of the donations will be used for this goal.
  3. Providing new jobs: The more skilled workers there are in a company, the more successful it can be. We will also be able to boost the economy by providing more jobs! We specifically want to hire a content creator, more customer service reps and an email marketing manager. If you are interested in any of these roles, please email us!

We will provide monthly updates about the changes via email so you can be involved! We are also open to suggestions about improving the business.

Your reward:

I would personally like to reward you for your donations by issuing lifetime discounts. A lifetime discount is a discount specific to you only, it can be used on any product, at any time, repeatedly, with no limitations. It cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts however.

£200+ donations: 15% lifetime discount
£500+ donations: 20% lifetime discount
£1000+ donations: 25% lifetime discount
£3000+ donations: 30% lifetime discount


Please donate here

To redeem your lifetime discount, simply email with subject line ‘lifetime discount’. Please include a screenshot of your donation confirmation/receipt in the body of your email. Please ensure the screenshot shows the amount you donated. You will be emailed your personalised lifetime discount within 48 hours.

Thank you once again! With your help, I believe that we can quickly get Trendy Tresses back on it’s feet. Let’s support and grow black businesses!

Miss O James

Trendy Tresses CEO