Premium Human Hair Collection?


This collection consists of our premium Raw Indian and Luxe premium human hair, bundles, closures and frontals.

What is raw hair?
Raw hair is what you probably think it is- raw, untouched, unprocessed, 100% natural. Each bundle was carefully handpicked from temples in India. The bundles are then washed, treated then carefully wefted to produce luxurious and voluminous bundles for your wigs and weaves!

How do I know if my hair has been chemically processed?
Usually , chemically processed hair has perfectly formed curl patterns which is an unnatural state. Raw hair- because it is natural- will last you an incredibly long time ESPECIALLY when the cuticles have been carefully aligned thus preventing tangling! (and ours definitely have!)

However , because the hair is for the most part raw, it must be looked after as if it were growing out of your scalp. This means washing , detangling , and conditioning regularly- you know the drill ladies!

We still want to stay true to our ethos of helping all our trendsetters embrace their natural hair textures which is why we have 5 different textures for you!

They are:

Exquisitely straight (raw Indian )
Luxe kinky straight (Luxe Kinky Hair )
Angelic waves (raw Indian )
Divine deep curls (raw Indian)
Glorious kinky curls (raw Indian )We also have closures and frontals for further protective styling!

You may be thinking ‘wait I’ve never seen any Indian or Peruvian woman with kinky hair so how could it possibly be raw?' Well you’re completely right , let us explain ... although our hair has not been chemically processed, it has been manipulated into forming kinky textures through a process known as ‘steaming ‘ which requires no chemicals!

Please enjoy our new collection trendsetters!