Trendy Who?

Established in 2016, Trendy Tresses is a hairline dedicated to providing quality synthetic hair and premium human hair. Our synthetic hair is made from Kanekelon, Toyokalon and Chinese fibres specifically for crochet braiding and braiding hairstyles. Our wefted premium human hair is made from raw Indian hair and luxe kinky hair suitable for weaves and wigs.
"What is Trendy about our Tresses?" Well, the fact that when you wear our hair, you feel and look confident, stylish and unique. Simply put- YOU set the TREND!
Founder: "As someone who has natural hair , I was constantly seeking different ways to protect my natural hair, and experiment with new styles. I eventually discovered and fell in love with crochet braids and wigs because of the versatility, ability to mimic natural hair, inexpensiveness and low maintenance nature of it. However, I soon came to realise that there is a lack of certain hair textures, colours and curl patterns in the existing market , so I embarked on a journey to launch Trendy Tresses with the aim to fill that gap with a diverse range of textures and colours from curly, to kinky, to straight! I also want to encourage more individuals to embrace their natural hair no matter what the texture is!"