Bountiful Curls
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24" is the default length of our Bountiful curls. There is ONE bundle in each pack.

Our Bountiful curls speak for themselves! They are a mixture of two gorgeous different curl patterns- a looser and tighter curl pattern to create a tousled, carefree and natural look. Have full creative direction of your hairstyle by choosing to install the two curl patterns exactly as you please!

The texture of our Bountiful curls is thicker, yet extremely soft, thus enabling a sturdy grip for easy knotting and easy maintenance. The curls also gradually drop overtime which enhances the natural look. With proper maintenance, our Bountiful curls will last 4-8 weeks.

Amount of bundles needed for an installation: 
3 for a small head, 4 for a medium sized head and 5 for a large sized head.
Model is wearing 4 separated bundles of natural black, hair has been cut and styled.

How to keep your Tresses looking Trendy!:
1.Lightly spritz your hair with water and apply a thin coating of a water based hair conditioner.
2. Gently brush(using a large paddle brush), or finger detangle your hair from tip to root. Rough handling is more likely to frizz the hair!
3. Section your hair into four and loosely twist before bed- this will help to preserve those lovely curls!
4. Wear a satin or silk scarf/bonnet to bed
5. Remember to wear a shower cap before showering!

To learn how to create this look, watch this video tutorial: