Do you ship to my country?

Yes! We ship worldwide!

How long is delivery to the USA?

Our shipping options for the USA are 5-7 working days, 2-4 working days and 1-3 working days. Delivery working days are not inclusive of weekends or bank holidays.

Why did you overcharge me?

The reason why it appears you were overcharged is because we are a UK based company. All our products are priced in pounds (£) and have ‘GBP’ (Great British Pounds) by them for clarity . The British pound is valued higher than the US dollar for example, so when converted, it appears you have been overcharged but you haven’t , this is just a result of the currency exchange rate.

Where is my order?

When you ordered, you would have received an email containing your tracking information. To check where your order is, click on your tracking number. For international orders, click the 'continue tracking' button just below your tracking number. This will take you to your country's tracking page which will give you more information. Please feel free to contact your country's courier (i.e USPS) quoting your tracking number for more specific information.

Can your crochet hair be washed?

Yes, wash with a diluted shampoo and lightly condition with a water based conditioner. Ensure you are keeping the hair detangled!

How do I maintain my hair?

On the back of the pack of your hair, there are hair care instructions. We also have hair care instructions on the actual product page on our website.

Is your human hair for crochet braiding?

No. Our human hair is wefted and can be used for weaves (or sew-ins), wigs and clip ins.

Can I swim with this hair?

Sure! Just ensure you lightly cleanse and detangle your hair after your swim.

Why did my hair not come in a satin bag?

We have recently changed our packaging as we are expanding our brand. Our new packaging will enable expansion as it can be used on shop selves and is generally easier to distribute in different countries, therefore making your shopping experience a lot better!