Stock-Up Programme

Our ‘stock up’ programme is designed to make your shopping experience with us easier, cheaper and more structured. As you also know, we often sell out of your products quickly so this programme will also place you as a priority!


How it works:

Simply tell us which hair, colour and amount of bundles you need. The minimum amount you can request is 15 bundles. We provide you with a bulk discount and send you an invoice. Oh, shipping is FREE!


Purchase options:


15 -19 bundles: Receive 10% off the normal price

20-25 bundles: Receive 15% off the normal price

26-34 bundles: Receive 20% off the normal price

35-40 bundles: Receive 25% off the normal price

Shipping: FREE


Order example: 


Name: Tanya Hopkins

Address: 121 I Need Hair Avenue

New York




Desired quantity: 24

Desired hair: River curls

Colour: 1b/30


Total Cost: 

Usual price: £239.76 

‘Stock up’ price: £203.77 .


Usual shipping fee: £34.99

Stock up Shipping Fee: FREE


Total Savings: £70.96


To place a stock-up order, send the completed form below to




Desired quantity: 

Desired hair: 


If you would like a mixture of hair types and colours, this is also fine. Please just specify the total quantity you would like of each.

You can make a stock-up purchase a maximum of once per month.