Free-Spirited curls
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If you love wearing your natural hair, but feel its time to put it away, why not protect it with more natural hair! 

The texture and curl pattern of our free-spirited curls mimics that of natural kinky, curly hair so you are bound to fool anyone, or at least create the illusion that your hair doubled in volume and length overnight! 

This hair can also be used for passion twists, when stretched, this 10” hair reaches up to 24”.

Amount of bundles needed for an installation:

When separated : 4 for a small head, 5 for a medium sized head, 6 for a large sized head.

When unseparated: 8 for a small head, 9 for medium sized head, 10 for a large sized head.

TIP: less seperation=more curls, more separation = frizzy afro look

Model is wearing 4 separated bundles, 10 inches Natural Black which has been cut and styled.

How to keep your Tresses looking Trendy! (original fibre) :

1.Lightly spritz your hair with a fabric conditioner and water mix- yep FABRIC CONDITIONER - remember synthetic hair is a fibre, not real hair!

2. Gently finger detangle your hair from tip to root , GENTLY- rough handling is more likely to frizz and matt the hair!
3. Optional: Section your hair into four and loosely twist before bed- this will help to preserve those luscious curls!
4. Wear a satin or silk scarf/bonnet to bed
5. Remember to wear a shower cap before you shower!


To learn how to create the look, watch this tutorial:


To learn how to create a natural looking 2 way part vixen crochet braids style, watch this tutorial: